50 And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done.
51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?
-1 Nephi 17: 50-51

Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter Received 11/29/2013

Dear Mom,
Nah, I don't need a robe, thanks though.  And yes, they gave us all our own Ensign, so I get to study those.  Right now the mission president is having us all study only Preach My Gospel and The Book of Mormon, so I will have to wait to study it, but I have one.

I'm definitely learning a lot about leaving it all up to God.  That's something my trainer and I talked about last night.  He said, "You know, on a mission we have zero control over anything here.  We can't control where a lesson goes, what investigators will do, or anything like that!  The only thing we control is how hard we try and if the Spirit is with us."  It was a big eye opener for me!  I realized that you know anywhere else in life I had a little more control... but here I've only got one thing I'm in control of and that's me.  Everything else is in God's hands.  It's definitely different compared to being at home and being the oldest ha ha.  I guess you guys are realizing the same thing, huh?  I'm glad you're not stressing too much.  It's helping me to not stress for you guys.  :)

I love you guys and hope all is well.  You're in my prayers.

D&C 121 is a good one to read.  :)

Your Son,
Elder Sharp

Monday, November 25, 2013

Washington, Week 2


Well this week was fast! We knocked into a lady from Brazil who doesnt speak very much english and is wanting a portuguese Book Of Mormon! It super exciting for my Comp and I cause we get to teach I portuguese......Uh oh hahaha hope it works out! haha I know the Lord will help me through the language haha!. 

Also this week we got to hear from an Apostle!! It was Neil L. Anderson! I loved it he was a little more relaxed than in General Conference, and he taught us about the Atonement and how to share the gospel with that since it's central to our whole gospel! We also got to learn about how if we make decisions that lean to loving God, than that is the choice that will bring happiness and peace (President Eyring's talk from General Conference).  He quoted a lot of scriptures about the atonement, and the rewards if we use it.  Also, If we seal our testimony about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, than anything Anti can not waiver our testimony. It was a great promise, since that happens here quite a bit. (I've only had one so far haha)

Also something I learned here is the smell of weed! It is so bad here haha.  I don't see why they wanna smoke it! But it's legal here now so we have to deal with it haha. Its funny sometimes running into the old people who smoke it.  They're fun to listen to when they talk about religion.

I've learned something about here too. If there isn't a cloud in the sky then it gets COLD haha and with me being on bike, I learned real quick what cold means haha!

Thanksgiving is almost here and luckily we have a nice family here that's gonna feed us and apparently she's a really good cook! so I'm excited for that! It's gonna be nice to have a good ol home Cooked meal haha! 

That's all I can think as far as highlights for now!

Amo Voces!
Elder Sharp

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Letter Received 11/22/2013

Dear Mom,
I know I emailed you, but I feel like letters are more fun to get.  :)  Sorry I wasn't able to get those emails in yet.  My hour was up as soon as I saw them, so I couldn't get them in time.

Hope the move is going well and I'm praying for you guys.  It's interesting I wasn't able to think about you guys as much at the MTC, but out here I seem to be able to more.  Don't worry, I'm not messing up my work here with home sickness.  Just something I noticed.  :)

How's yours and Dad's neck?  Will you be getting help with the move?  I hope the ward will be able to help and that Dad doesn't push too hard with it.

It's an interesting place here in Washington.  I love the overcast, and I get to see the Puget Sound everyday.  Whenever there's meetings, I get to pass a Naval ship yard with huge aircraft carriers and Destroyers, too!

I have this one investigator family (Just husband and wife) that are really interested in the church.  I'm hoping to commit them to be baptized!  They have lots of questions and rumors we've had to clarify, but they're still open-minded, which I'm really excited about.  They were in a Mormon city right next to Snowflake, I think it's called Shiloh (probably Show Low).  Anyway, somehow they got the idea the worthiness and salvation comes with money and weird stuff like that, but they are definitely learning.

There's also this other guy who just lost his wife.  He's got the sweetest handlebars mustache!  Anyway,  he's a cool guy, very sad about his wife.  I really want him to accept the gospel so he can have that hope.  He really needs it.

That's all the exciting news I have that I didn't email about.

As far as Christmas, I would love any kind of music stuff, like Nashville Tribute Band or anything from an LDS band I can listen to.  That's what I'd love, but don't stress about it.  Take care of the other kids first.  :)

Remember John 16:32-33

Love you all,
Elder Sharp

Monday, November 18, 2013

First Week!

Well this week was pretty crazy! I was assigned to my trainer, and he's a visa waiter too! So we get to speak Portuguese together and stuff! After that I found out that my mission is a biking mission! I was, "Uh guys I don't have that." haha and so me and my Comp (Elder Lowe) asked tons of people what to do about it and finally we were able to get to President Weaver (mission president).  He was,  "Oh ya - that may be problem."  Then someone heard us talking about it and was like "Hey, you can have mine. I just got a new one" so I got the bike and everything seemed fine.  Then we got home and realized I need a helmet! So we had to walk the first day.  One of the other missionaries let me borrow his so that was nice, so we had bikes and all was good.  Unfortunately I found out, the hard way, that the person who owned this bike before didn't seem to know that brakes are important. I was going down a steep hill on my bike and, well, it was fun at first until I couldn't exactly stop. I crashed and, well, it didn't feel the best but I'm fine - just had a sore elbow for a bit.  All is good with that and thankfully I learned from my eagle project how to fix bikes and got those brakes fixed! AND I'm getting into shape!!

Anyway my trainer's name is Elder Lowe and he's from Seattle....ya haha he's about 20 min from home haha. He's a really good missionary, though, and I hope to be able to learn a lot from him. 

I love the way we study here its all at the same time so its done and we can get the on with the the day.  I like it so much better then the MTC.  We're doing this thing call 5-7s where from 5 to 7 we are knockin on doors. It's weird, but apparently we get 50% of our baptisms come from that. So I guess its working.

I found out on Tuesday that an Apostle is coming!!  We don't know which, but we're all super excited for it! We're fasting to prepare for it and everything so that's exciting.

That's awesome its good too hear all is well and that you're all keeping the faith!!  Ya I thought you guys would like the package!  Those're some great pics!! I loooooove pics.  Apparently they have a blog for this mission that Sis Weaver is doing!  I can't think of anything for Christmas at the moment sorry. How's Dustin likin' ROTC?

Washington is great its very hilly and always has an overcast AND its green here!! I looove the overcast too. My area is like Franklin Heights. 

Well that's all the excitement this week:)

Amo Voces!
Elder Sharp

Sunday, November 17, 2013


(from Mom)
We received a package this weekend from Elder Sharp.  He mailed us a copy of the Portuguese Book of Mormon and in it wrote his testimony.  In the package was also a box of Kleenex -- ha ha!  He knows his mama!  :)

Meu Testimunho 
Eu sei que este evangelho é verdadeiro e que eu estou pregando o grande messagem. Eu sei que a Expiação is para todos as pessoas é a traze salvacao por todo homen.  Eu amo meu pai celestial e sua filho Jesus Cristo.  eu tenho fé cm plano de salvacao e que cuando nos seguir o exemplo de Jesus Cristo.  Nos podemos voltar ao Deus depois nosso mortes.  Eu muito agradece por este conhecimento.  Eu posso sentir em minha coraçãoe minha alma.  Eu digo este coisas em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.  

Translated through Google Translate:  
My Testimony
I know this gospel is true and that I am preaching the great message. I know that the Atonement is for all people is to bring salvation for all man. I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I have faith in the plan of salvation and when we follow the example of Jesus Christ, we can return to God after our deaths. I really thank you for this knowledge. I can feel in my Heart and my soul. I say this things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

We also received a picture from his Mission Presidents.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dear Brother and Sister Sharp,

Just a quick note to let you know your son arrived safely in Tacoma today.  He was with a group of 14 new missionaries that arrived this morning.  We took them to see Puget Sound, fed them lunch, took photos, and then they began their orientation.  They got to experience a transfer meeting and hear testimonies of departing missionaries.

Elder Sharp was interviewed and assigned a companion.  He was in good spirits and excited to get to work. We are thrilled that he is here in our mission.


President and Sister Weaver

Phone Call!

(From Mom)

We talked to Elder Sharp this morning  (first time in six weeks!!) Ahhh he sounds so good! Very happy, very excited and at peace. He said he was having a hard time speaking English because he has spoken Portuguese only for the past six weeks.  That is just amazing to me... He is excited to go to Tacoma while he waits for his visa to come.  Phone call was short, but just the right amount of time.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Week in the MTC!

Well this week was pretty awesome!! I learned a good amount the last week here. I learned the importance of knowing the scriptures better, and I was talking to Dustin about it too, but that's definitely something I wish I could do better because the way that I'm learning to teach is using the scriptures and then talking about it, instead of using scriptures to prove my words if that makes sense.  Anyway, so that's definitely important for preparation. 

I also got to host! It was sooo cool to be able to welcome the new guys and comfort the families and the new missionaries. I saw different types of goodbyes and where one was forever and others seemed uncaring.  I think you guys did awesome with that.  It was so funny to see them and think I wasn't THAT scared was I... and then I thought about it and yep! I was definitely the same.  Kinda reminds me of where I'm from and makes me realize how far I've come. I still see how far I've got, but I'm definitely excited to get out there and start learning more!

I also got to do a how to begin teaching which means me and my 2 companions would start teaching and when we got to the point where we'd start teaching then the new missionaries (arrived that day new).  It was really cool but also annoying cause when we'd hit that point the moderators would just stop us -- it was just like AGH!  haha but I loved it - it was so much fun!!

We also did something called in-field training where all the missionaries that were leaving come together and learn a bunch of awesome stuff like finding people to teach, planning, and using members etc. It was really cool.  Then at the end, the instructors did this play thing where there was a new missionary (who was actually named Elder Sharp! They even used my name tag and I got the teacher's name tag for ransom) to the field and he was the typical new missionary Haha.  It was so funny, but it also taught us the importance of using members and making sure that members keep caring about the new converts through things like home teaching and visiting teaching. One of my teachers actually said one of the biggest reason new members don't stay is because they don't feel welcome.  It was a kinda big eye opener.

I miss you guys a lot, but surprisingly I've only wanted to be home once for like 15 minutes.  Then I was like, "Dude!  You just wasted 15 minutes of study!"  haha!  I'm glad for the experiences I have had and that you guys let me go out and didn't hold on too tightly.  

Anyway that's all I learned this week -- haha pretty Grrrrrreat!!

I'll call from Denver!

Amo Vocês!!
Elder Sharp

Friday, November 8, 2013

Temporary Mission Re-Assignment

Dear Elder Sharp,

At this time, we have not received your visa to travel to your mission. You will be serving a temporary assignment in the.............(drum roll).............you're not even reading this................Washington Tacoma Mission until your visa arrives.

Yup I'm going to Washington!!! I'm gonna freeze!! haha its ok though I brought my jacket! I leave here on Tuesday at 2:30 A.M. and fly to Denver, Colorado then up to Seattle. Crazy that I'm  leaving can't wait to start teaching in the field!! I'll give you more info on Monday!!

Amo Você!
Elder Sharp

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MTC Week 5

That's AWESOME how'd she do that!?   (Referring to Jessica's CTR Pumpkin she carved - picture below)  

Everything is great here! It started to snow on Sunday but it didn't stick so it wasn't too fun, but it's snowed every day this week so it's bound to stick soon! How's everything goin with Dad and the job?  

We're now starting to play as the investigators for our fellow district members and its really interesting being on the other side of the lesson it made me think I need to work on being animado. I'm also working on my focus, too.  You come to realize how short your attention span is when you cant blank out for a bit and come back and have no idea what we're talking about. Kinda frustrating but good to know!! It's so hard to believe how long I've been here! This is the last week! I find out where I'm going for my mission!  By the end of next week I'm in the field! Kinda nervous but also super excited!! I was told to make sure I have a $100 in cash for in case I get charged for baggage... I have a little less then $40 cash now so I may need some... also you know that journal I left behind? well I feel like i Should have it....so if it's possible could you send those?  I've ran through another pen cause of all the notes and almost finished the "Be not Ashamed of Christ" journal!  It's soo cool -- I've never done this before!!
How's the home front? How's everyone doing?  I think about you guys every night while I pray:) Lemme know if there's anything I need to pray for:)  

Amo voces!!
Elder Sharpe (that's my name in Portuguese!)

I got a Haircut!! 
They used a high-powered vacuum for the loose hair it was crazy!!  and FUN haha 
Made my hair really stylish - might do it for when I get home haha

My district with my branch president he's so nice and definitely has being a loving leader down!

 Me and Elder Beyler (future roommate!)

(Picture of Jessica's pumpkin that I sent him)