50 And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done.
51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?
-1 Nephi 17: 50-51

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MTC Week 4

(Last night Julianne prayed for Elder Sharp that he would get his Visa in two weeks so he could go to Brazil...)

I'm so glad Julie prayed for that - haha I would love that!! Although Carlsbad [California] wouldn't be bad either :)  (Where his good buddy is serving).

MTC update!

I think the theme for me this week was being the best tool for the Lord's hand. I am trying so hard with the language, studying the scriptures, and staying focused. I definitely wished I knew a bit more about the doctrine behind the rules, because when you teach that then the Spirit testifies of the truthfulness of it a lot more. 

Last Sunday I was watching an MTC devotional (on Sundays we watch a church movie or MTC devotionals).  It was on Thanksgiving, and it was a thing by the Holland family.  I got to see a different side of Elder Holland.  He has a funny sense of humor, and he loves his family so much, especially his wife.   It made me love him even more! Anyway a few of them bore testimonies and a few more did musical numbers. The Elder Holland's wife talked to us and there were a lot of notes to write!  Finally, Elder Holland talked, and I wrote this down at the end of my notes from him:

-I AM DONG THIS MISSION FOR MY LORD AND SAVIOR. So I need to start treating it as such and work harder and study more.
-My mission will mean the world to me and I can ensure it will by how I serve and how I live each day. I gotta work harder and have more tenacity when things get tough. I need to study more about Christ and His Characteristics.

It was a very powerful devotional for me and made me wanna get out of here and on the field. I was reminded in an interview with my teacher Irmão Cope about the Apostolic promise that if I read my Book of Mormon all the way through in my mission language then I'll be fluent. So that's what I'm doing now in most of my study time is reading that and writing words in English over words I don't know. It's exciting because the further along I get, the less I gotta look up! It takes a long time but it's going slowly but surely. :) I'm really trying hard to devote myself more to God's will as well and do what He says no matter what He says. It's kinda exciting to see how that'll turn out.

My companion, Elder B., seems to be hurting more and more every day and I'm worried about him.  I am constantly praying for him.  He seems to be constantly looking at others and seeing what they did, and he keeps his spirits up. He is definitely a big example to me of despite your trials you can still be happy and turn out instead of going within. I'm so grateful for his help and example. 

I got some awesome news!! My companions and I got one of our investigators to commit to baptism!! It was so cool! I had felt inspired to have her read 3 Nephi 11 after we left. Then, I read it later in English and was like WOAH - that's what Marli needed (my investigators).  Anyway, the next lesson we were teaching her about the Holy Ghost and I was testifying about it and suddenly the Spirit was testifying through me and was.... I cant describe how it felt -- except for that it was like I went into Super Saiyan with the Spirit.  My Companions said they felt it come off of me! It was awesome!  Anyway, she said yes and we got her to stop drinking coffee too!!  Which is huge for a Brazilian they start drinking that right after they stop drinking their mother's milk!

Any way I gotta get goin!!

Love ya'll and prayin for ya! and thanks for the prayers!
Elder Sharp

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MTC Week 3

(I told him Tuesdays were now my favorite day of the week....) 

I love Tuesdays too!!  haha  Gives me a time to breathe and sleep!  I'm doin' great! I'm not District Leader anymore because they wanted to spread out that training to other people here, but I guess I did well.  My district loves me and didn't fall apart.  I've been pretty lucky as far as struggle goes.   I'm mean Satan likes to whisper things to make me think I'm never gonna get it or never gonna be worthy cause of my path I took earlier in life, but I say a quick prayer, and it goes away.  I've prayed so much -- like more then I have my entire life!  I don't think I've ever recognized promptings until I got here, and man is that COOL!  Like Sis Bohling says "This gospel ROCKS!" haha. 

I've been reading Jesus the Christ and my patriarchal blessing and can see things happening and ambitions that I have and the end result will be something in my blessing! It's really cool to see! I felt a prompting to watch Legacy on Sunday, and the main character said something that really hit me -  it was "Help God keep His promises"  That's kinda the mind set I've had as I read my blessing. You know, planning for now with the end in mind. It's really nice to have that kind of direction.

Ya, I was so jealous that you guys got to see Bro. Halverson in the Question and Answer thing on Sunday.  I wish I could've been there to hear him one last time. I always learned so much from him! Who did Jess invite and how did that person you invited go?  

I'm teaching two investigators now and this last lesson with one of them I was like "I need to show this investigator this scripture to read and pray about tonight" and I turned right to it!  I knew it was in 3 Nephi, but I didn't know which chapter then BAM - it was there and that was so cool!  My companions were like "Elder, that was the perfect for her!"  It was a super faith booster!!

I had an awesome learning experience with a song.  It was "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd"  Anyway, I learned about how much God loves the ONE and wishes for them to return to the 90 and 9, and that's essentially what I've been sent here to do... leave the 99 (ya'll) and go after the one (Brazilian brothers and sisters). Three Missionaries got their visas this week.  It's super exciting news -- it gives us all hope for ours!!

That's exciting! about Dad's possible job!!  I've been praying for Dad to get that interview every night and whenever I think about it.  :) I really hope he gets it! 
Love ya'll 
Always thinking of you and prayin for ya'll,
Elder Sharp

PS. I LOVE the package!! thanks!! and I loooove getting letters!!! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MTC Week 2

Hey that's awesome about the half marathon! Proud of ya'll!   I love it here!! Did you get my last email?  I'm doing awesome! I wrote down most of the details in my journal so I can remember it and tell you later.  Haha there's too much to say!  

I was praying all week to know what the Spirit is like how to listen to it and then for the devotional the subject was on recognizing the Spirit and knowing it. The speaker basically addressed all my fears and destroyed them.  Then that night we watched the Joseph Smith movie in Portuguese. I didn't understand most of it, but the Spirit was so strong.  Then I got promptings for me to write down something Pai Celestial [Heavenly Father] wanted to tell me.  It was soo cool!!  Also, I got the prompting for you guys to watch it, too, and that if Dad could watch it in Tagalog, I think it would be super powerful for him....  I also saw how Alvin was as an older brother and thought of him as a good example to Dustin for how an older brother should be. 

I think that's awesome your calling is missionary work.  That's awesome that I get blessings from you just like you get blessings from me!  It is so much fun and even with the fake investigators -- I'm loving every minute of it. 

Tonight they're doing a world wide devotional for the MTC, and the Choir sings at the Tuesday night devotionals. My teacher, Ìrmão Cope, said it might be online if you wanna watch it... it's suppose to be a big deal!! Like Apostle or higher!! Thinking of you always and praying for ya'll!! 

Have Jess email me if she wants!! and Also I have an elder in my District and he hasn't gotten any letters....you think you could go on Dear Elder and write him something....it's crazy what letters will do for your confidence and mood.

Love you guys so much! 
Elder Sharp
 Elder Brewerton and Elder Peterson (my current comps)

 My District

 Elder Wood - my first companion

 Smelling the Tree (smells like creme soda!!!)

 Elders Being Elders in our Apartment

My zone leaders

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MTC Week 1

(I wrote him telling him how awesome it must have been to watch General Conference while in the MTC)  

YES!! It was amazing and It was awesome singing those songs with all those missionaries there haha. I have never taken so many notes in general conference. Ya I learned a lot about being a good husband and treating my wife and daughters with respect. I also, of course, learned that I gotta be humble to teach the gospel and a lot of other cool missionary things. After conference we had a huge devotional where Vocal Point came and sang to us and talked about their missions; it was pretty sweet.  Then after that we listened to a talk that Elder Bednar gave called the Character of Christ. It was Mission changing - like a huge different look on life! He just told us how it was and chastised us - haha. Definitely suggest looking for it is a Christmas MTC devotional.

How was Kody and Julie at the game? (should probably have dad answer about Kody:)) And that's really cool about the Homecoming Queen! I think anyone can email me, I haven't been told anything about that....I'd probably wait to write them back till after the MTC, but feel free to give it out just tell em I may not answer.:)

So I saved the best stuff for last ;) ......I AM DISTRICT LEADER! It's so cool - kinda stressful but I see how it's preparing me for my future (I've been reading my Patriarchal Blessing).  My district is awesome, too. I love them all so much, and they all respect me and want to follow the rules! I had them write goals for us as a district, and we turned them into cool Portuguese ten commandments.  It's pretty legit! I had a Companiero (sorry Portuguese may slip in) his name was Elder __, and he was SO cool and loved him but he got his visa! So he left this morning.  It was really sad, but pretty exciting! I got to give him a blessing to comfort him, and I was so nervous, but it happened and I think it worked haha.  He seemed more at ease so we'll see haha. My voice got sore from talking and singing so much!  

So on Friday we had to teach an investigator....YEA first three days here and we're teaching. Oh, did I mention it had to only be in Portuguese ! haha it was insane! But we did surprisingly well.  We taught her how to pray and committed her to pray every day till we came back then we came back and didn't do very well, but we learned a lot about teaching people not lessons. It was great and I'm so grateful for the gift of tongues.  Thank for the letter, by the way.  It's crazy how much those lift you up.  Feel free to tell people about it :) but not everyone... of course I don't want kids in my district to be jealous....AGH!!  There's soooo much to say so little time to say it in. But my Laundry is done, and I gotta do study, shine shoes, study, sing in choir, and just in case I forgot to study some more haha.  It's ok though my district knows so much about the scriptures especially an elder named Elder Richins. That's like his hobby....any way gotta go 

Love Ya'll,
Elder Don Sharp Jr.

PS:  Oh I forgot to tell you I went to the temple this morning and did initiatories and got answers to my prayers - it was awesome!! I forgot my camera in my residence so I'll send those when I can SORRY!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Before the Missionary Training Center

This is Don's Mom.  I wanted to record his last 48 hours with us and his trip to Utah before we start getting weekly letters from him.

We threw a going-away party for him at the community center.

The next morning he was set apart as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

 It was awesome for his Grandma Black to be in town and able to be there for the special occasion!

The night before he left was busy packing his suitcases.  We hid Butterfingers throughout his suitcases and carry-on to surprise him when he opened his bags.

Saying goodbye at the airport was bittersweet.  We were sad to have him leave us -- but so excited about this exciting time for him.  

We asked a friend, who recently got off his mission to TN and lives in Utah, if he would pick him up from the airport. "Elder" Barton served in our area for quite a while, and Don Jr went with him once a week to do missionary work local.  They became good friends.  It was so comforting to know he would be at the airport to greet Elder Sharp and be with him until he took him to the Missionary Training Center Wednesday.  
He took him to the Salt Lake Temple Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning they went to Denny's for breakfast, who apparently gives incoming missionaries free meals on Wednesday.  :)   They went to a couple stores for last-minute items he needed before beginning his mission.  They had some free time, so they went to the Provo Temple.  

At 11:00 am, Elder Sharp entered the Missionary Training Center, where he will be for the next six weeks.  Learning Portuguese and taught how to be a successful missionary.  I cannot wait to get his first letter about his experiences!  This is what "Elder" Barton said about this:  Look who I dropped off at the MTC today! So grateful I know this man; he is a powerful missionary.

"Elder" Alexander Barton called me right after Elder Sharp entered the MTC to let me know he was there and tell me about their 18 hours together.  He said the kindest things about Elder Sharp.  He is an instructor at the MTC and said anything I want to give Elder Sharp, let him know -- he would love an excuse to go visit Elder Sharp.  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Day Has Come!

Well, Here it is.  My mission.  Who would've thought I was gonna be here today.  It's crazy to think it was a whole five months since I got my call to serve as a full-time missionary to the Sao Paulo Brazilian people.  And suddenly I'm here, packed, and ready to go.  Some people asked me why I wanted to leave my friends, family and life behind to go on this crazy mission.

I've thought really hard about it, and I have a few reasons.

When I came back on the straight and narrow road, I finally found the happiness I had left to find in the first place.  I want others to feel that same happiness.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love helping people and what better way to help them, by service and spreading this wonderful gospel brought to us in these latter days.  I know that this The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, and that Joseph Smith was chosen to bring back the the priesthood and the fullness of this gospel.  I know that while on this mission I will have protection and that as long as I listen to what Heavenly Father wants me to do, no harm can come to me no matter how hard anyone tries.  This is my testimony, and I bare it in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, Amen.  --Elder Don Sharp, Jr.