50 And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done.
51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?
-1 Nephi 17: 50-51

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hard Week but Lots of Hope for the Future

So this week we did a lot of work, and we had a lot of miracles! We have found a lot of people to teach! We actually had done more work this week than we had in along time, and, well, in the end no one was at church! Urgh! It's so frustrating when this happens! I was really frustrated during Sacrament meeting and actually wound up having a mini-battle with my emotions.  After the meeting I came to the conclusion that Heavenly Father is really just testing us to see how diligent we really are... soo this week I´ll have to fight harder for my brothers and sisters and well I can see a bright light for the future!
This week we also had a great miracle! We went to the temple, and we got there like really early! I mean 4 hours before our session to study. So it's 11 o'clock (our session is at 12) and Elder looks in his wallet looks at me sadly and says, "Elder, I left my recommend at home." I was like no way! Needless to say we were real sad! So we were about to leave and Elder Richins needed to use the bathroom.  I was like, "Well, ok..." so we went to the Church building next door.  He went to the bathroom, and I just sat down trying not to cry in front of him.  I just started to pray - I prayed for anything to happen so that we could go to the 12 o´clock session. (I started a little crazy like asking for me to be teleported there and back or anything!) And while I prayed, I knew that it was going to work out... so then I prayed for the inspiration to do what needed to be done to get there.  I felt we should call President because he was going to be there for a wedding.  He didn´t answer. Elder just wanted to go home but the thought of going home was just ridiculous to me, so I said, "Let's call again!"  He called, no answer again.  So we waited, and I prayed again and our phone started to ring! It was president, but I don't think he realized he had called us because we said, "Hello?" and no one answered. We walked around the back, and there was President! He said he should´ve left 10 min ago, but that he didn´t get his keys from his wife and that he actually shouldn´t have even been there... that he should´ve been there the next day! Anyway we got in and had a great session full of inspiration and Heavenly Father giving us hope for the future!

I love my Heavenly Father and He hears and answers our prayers! I promise as a representative of our Savior that if our faith is strong enough, it can be a power unlike any other to call on the powers of Heaven! In the name of the Jesus Christ amén!

I love Y'all! 
Elder Sharp

It says "Establishment of Zion in South America" or something like that - haha

I also met Sis Knox from the stake (Murfreesboro) - she´s in the mission next to mine!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Oh, to answer your question - A/C doesn't exist anywhere!  ha ha

So that family is doing good.  They´re having a little trouble with reading the Book of Mormon and praying... He works for himself so he was working like crazy to finish the projects he had left to the last minute. But it´s gonna be great! They're really wanting to be married and learn more!  Rogerio said that he made a New Year's resolution to have more knowledge! Well guess when we first talked to him? ......Jan 1!  haha God´s giving more knowledge then he thought existed! We went and ate lunch at their house on Friday and it was really good.  Daniela seemed to really like giving it! We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they're really wanting this Gospel.  The opposition is high, but we won't give up on them! 

Another thing we´ve really started to focus on is resgate (reactivation/rescue).  It's really great!  I love doing it because I get to use my experiences and I feel like when I testify that if they just read the Book of Mormon AND pray they will know it's true. I also love it cause I get to teach about eternal perspective to them.  Usually they stop coming because some member talked bad about them, and so I really like to point out that they are losing their salvation because of gossip... because someone "thought" they knew the facts. They really can't find any excuses anymore to not go to church.... but then it´s always still their choice and sometimes they just stop because they really just don´t want to live the law of God or are just plain too lazy. It's kinda frustrating.

All in all, something I seem to have really grown an appreciation of is the opportunity I have to talk to my Heavenly Father and read His word in the form of scripture.  It truly has given a lot of strength spiritually and with a lot things going on here, I'm needing it as much as I can get! That's one thing I´ve really learned is how to pray sincerely. You can literally talk to Him like a person that´s listening  - like a conversation and if you listen long enough His answers come as long as you talk WITH Him with respect.  He listens to anything you have to say. He´s anxious to hear what we have to say to Him! I love this gospel, and I love my Heavenly Father!

I love Y'all
Elder Sharp

We had been given money for lunch so we had toast and cheese and mint chocolate chip! 
(which is a rarity here)

P-day da zona! 

 we can play sports once a month now!

 Pizza after splits!
(...chocolate crust is so good!  Like heaven in a pan!!)

Mormon Pizzaria

 And a frog fell out of the tree so we took a pic!

Olympics in Rio!

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Family!

Cool I loved hearing it's good in Eagleville! I loved it there! I´m doing great here! That´ll be interesting coming back to a different ward, but it's in the Lord's hands.... I´m pretty sure the singles branch is in Murfreesboro, huh? but ya it's REALLY hot here!  Haha!  Man, I think it´ll be hotter than last year, and last year we had to be at the church from 2-4 o'clock!  But ya I´m not missing the cold.  I love being able to work in the heat! At first the laziness hit hard - especially after lunch, but after I got accustomed to it, it's great! 

This week was awesome! We found a family that's really golden! We were walking the road and I saw a lady with her little son and I felt that I should talk to her.....so I did!  I asked, "What's your name?"  and she tried to say it holding back tears, then just cried.  (I hate when they do that as a missionary cause you want to touch them.) She explained to us that she was having a lot of difficulty with her husband (actually boyfriend but that's Brazil).  She´s got his baby coming, too. So we actually found her last year (Dec. 30) and talked to all of them better this week.  It's so cool, though, because they´re totally letting the gospel change their lives because of the New Year's resolutions that they had made!  And so now we're teaching Rogerio and Daniela  and their family! We´re going to the cartório (registry) to mark their wedding!  He´s gotten a lot better and doesn´t hit her anymore, and they`re excited! He´s so cool, though.  He reminds me of the "Fast and the Furious."  Like his life use to be racing for money and pinks!  haha And Rogerio is the Dominic of the group, ya know? I love teaching them because they aren´t with that evangelical background and so they´re giving their answers how they think and not the preacher's! 

This week Is gonna be AWESOME and full of Miracles!
Elder Sharp

P.S. I was actually released as a District Leader this last week to be able to help my companion who is going through some struggles.  Oh by the way can, you see about sending me shoes? I gave my good pair to my comp because his feet are being destroyed by his shoes he bought. If not, we´ll figure something out... but If we have a cheaper way to get them, that´d be great! 

We had a awesome family night at Daniele´s house! and found a new investigator there!

My shoes not even a year in Brazil!  
I will just keep wearing these since I gave my comp my other pair. 

 Subway!  Expensive, but GREAT!


Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year!

Hey Mom! It's interesting the year you didn´t make a list of resolutions is the year I decided to! But I also am needing to this to make it so my mission ends the way I would like it too.  :) 

I love that the power of the Book of Mormon is able to do that! I´m having a really great help with the situation I´m in now of remembering these scriptures to help a missionary that going through a pretty rough time. It's really cool cause the right words are coming into my mind be to tell him and comfort him.  I seeing the blessing of having my gift of listening to people and helping them! I love it! I feel like ever since I had made a few big changes in my life, God has trusted me with more opportunities to help His children! 

This week we had a great experience with our Recent converts we´re teaching. She went up and bore her testimony for the first as a member.  Her and her son, Davi, are such a great family.  She´s going through a lot, but has fought through and is still fighting.  Although things are hard, she´s at church every Sunday! She actually has days where she doesn´t get to eat because she cant work!  However, she finds comfort in her blue Book of Mormon and the films that Elder Richins and I leave with her! I love it so much that I get to teach her! 

Isaura also told us that she has quit smoking for good!  We were really worried about that when she was baptized, that she´d start to smoke again, but she said, "I haven´t smoked once this week!" Man the happiness I saw in her eyes was so great!  She was confirmed today, and she smiled and looked at us and said,  Thank you for not giving up on me like the others did!"  Man I love this work! 

I also found out I'll be going home at my 2 yr and 18 day mark! YES!!! I get a whole month more than my original release date!!!

I love y´all 
Elder Sharp