50 And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done.
51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?
-1 Nephi 17: 50-51

Monday, August 31, 2015

Frustrations and Joy

I heard Bruno is home the young men brought him the sacrament Sunday.  I want to visit him. I don´t have much time during the day, but I'll go there for sure. 

So this week was really frustrating we had worked really hard and did our best to help these families Sadly, however, the opposition was better this time so they didn't go to church, but its not over yet! We're having a lot of help from the Lord and we have a possibility of teaching 4 new families along with the other 2 families! I'm super excited about this!!  We're really gettin' a lot of help from the Lord. 

This week I had many experiences with the Atonement! I love testifying of the power of the Atonement! We´ve been using Alma 7:11-13 a lot and every time we testify of the power it has to change our life and make us have peace, the people change almost completely! 

This week we talked to Vanessa and she started crying (I hate seeing women cry [edit: Get used to it son - Dad]) because of her situation she has a husband that sometime doesn´t even come home from work but goes straight to the bar and drinks and never leaves for, like, 3 days. And she works all day everyday except for Sunday and has no time to rest but as we told of the suffering of Christ she seemed to feel better and it helped her alot! She'll be at church next week for sure!

My comp is doing great he's really learning a lot! He's really shy but is starting to open up more! We're great friends! I want to write more but the computer is being dumb this area is really bad about that remember?

That´s about it! Sorry its short but this key board is terrible!
Só Famílias Eternas!
Elder Sharp

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